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2023 & Me

2023 is all about goals.

I stopped making resolutions years ago because they were too squishy.

“I’m gonna exercise more.”

“I’m gonna drink less.”

“I’m gonna write more.”

Those aren’t goals. Those are sentences.

This year, I’m going to be clear with my goals. They are going to be measurable, achievable, and time-sensitive.

Here we go!

Goal 1: I will write my first fiction book before the end of the year

I’ve never written a novel-length piece of fiction. Only short stories, plays, or books of poetry. It’s time to challenge myself to change that fact.

I have a few ideas in the hopper, and I will turn one of them into a finished work.

Goal 2: I will lose 30lbs by the end of the year

The last few years have been rough, and I’ve put on more than a few pounds. In previous years, this goal would have been about vanity. This year, it’s about health.

Diabetes runs in my family, and a couple of close relatives died due to diabetic complications.

I refuse to die due to poor health. I’m gonna die yelling at the television screen because the San Francisco Giants signed five more busted-ass pitchers.

Goal 3: I’m going to donate 1-2 hours a week to mentoring new digital marketers

I love seeing new names and faces in digital marketing. I want to do more to help shepherd those voices. Time to start giving back with knowledge sharing.

These are my three goals. Do you have any goals for 2023?

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