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Progress & Process: 9/20/2022

Most people don't ask for new art.

Okay, I really should say it like this: most people don't ask for new art from "nobodies."

People always from new art from their favorite artists and creatives. When is that new SZA album dropping? When can I watch the new Ryan Coogler flick? Has the latest Amanda Gorman book been released?

You'll rarely hear someone asking when something made by a "nobody" comes out. That's because art isn't requested. It's given because it's a gift.

The wider world didn't know that Jordan Peele had "Get Out" in him until they saw it. They didn't understand what Quinta Brunson was doing until "Abbot Elementary" educated them.

Until art becomes a commodity, we don't ask for it. Instead, it is given to us, and we devour it.

That doesn't mean that "nobodies" should stop making art. Should stop creating new shit.

I stopped creating new shit a while ago. I made excuses and claimed to have no time. The truth is, I couldn't be fucking bothered. Making art is excruciating for me. I love coming up with the idea and being done. It's that whole middle section of creating that exhausts me.

The original speaker is debated, but someone once said, "Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed."

That's exactly how it feels. I'm opening myself up, and there is only so much blood I can let loose before I'm spent. Before I need to recover and replenish.

The last few times I've tried to do something new, I've quit in the middle because I couldn't be bothered to open that vein and bleed that much. So, I'm gonna keep myself honest. I'm going to write about my writing and publish it. That way, I have to keep going.

Nothing like a bit of shame to keep us honest, eh?

So, come take a journey with me as I create "Once Lost…". If nothing else, we'll be able to reflect on the excruciating experience and laugh (?) together.

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